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Leg and Bikini Wax: $79

Maschero El Ferro Facial with Glycolic Peel
The "Magnetic Facial" as seen on
the Dr. Oz Show.
$79 - regularly $199
2017 Yosemite & Bass Lake Yoga/Hiking Retreats
Nature Hikes, Coaching, Organic Food, Transportation
 4 Day Retreats
May 23 - 27
Jun 6 - 9 | Waiting List
July 11 - 14
September 16 - 20 
 October 6 - 10
Call for detailed information and Pricing

Signature Facials & Body Services Below
Liz's customized "Just for You" Consultative Facials are designed just for you, shown below and leave you absolutely glowing!  Cleanse, Exfoliate, Steam, Extract, Eye Treatment, Serums, Masks, SPF Day Lotion or Night Cream with head, neck & shoulder massage.
$69 | "Basic"  is 45 minutes (1 serum 1 mask) - aka Teen Facial

$89 | "Optimal" (ideal) is 60 minutes (2 serums, 2 masks)

$129 |"Deluxe" (more advanced) with Peel or Eye Brow grooming is 75 min (2 serums, 2 masks, a special eye mask, 1 concentrated ampoule, multi fruit acid peel OR MicroDermabrasion & hand or foot massage).

$159 |"The Dorothy Treatment."  Ever wanted to feel like Dorothy when she enters OZ ?  Well this is your chance! Your skin with be buffed and puffed to perfection to eliminate lines and wrinkles, your brows & lashes darkened & groomed for eye popping results, your eyes lifted and smoothed, and your feet and hands feeling 10 years younger. All the very best products with the highest concentrated, most recent and technologically, advanced, active ingredients are applied throughout!
This is 90 minute of pure bliss!  (Rich in stem C, Vita C and Peptides)
Includes: (2 serums, 2 masks, including Stem Cell Serum & Mask, a very special eye lifting mask, 2 concentrated ampoules, either a multi fruit acid peel OR MicroDermabrasion with hand & foot massage with mask and warming mitts AND Lash & Brows waxed and groomed to flatter you face.
All Facials above are customized for categories below:
  • Dry or Dehydrated Skin 
  • Combination - Oily 
  • Combination - Dry 
  • Sensitive or Allergy prone Skin (also good for Chemo/cancer)
  • Oily / Acne Facial
  • Dry Acne Facial - great for Teens in the Pool a lot!~
  • Anti - Aging Facial
  • Collagen and Firming Facial
  • DeToxing (prevents aging) Facial
  • Gentlemens Facial
  • "Brilliance Facial" - owners favorite focuses on Vitamin C, brightening & Anti Aging with Stem C Products

              -----------------------OTHER SKIN SERVICES----------------------------------

BACK FACIAL: This is a nourishing and detoxing Marine Algae, Treatment  | $79.00  50 minutes.
 Clarify, smooth and de-clog & minimize pore size, while enjoying a relaxing service with massage, so your back looks AND feels great, during this upcoming holiday season.

Hand and Foot Treatments: can be added to any service. Includes a revitalizing Grape Seed Scrub and Mask, that will polish away roughness and leave luminous skin behind. Includes warm towels and foot  / hand massage with warming mitts . |$20 each or together  | $35

Please Text or call (562) 212-9510 to schedule appointments or EMAIL: 

All appointments have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Calls or emails not made to cancel or change your appt. outside of 24 hours, will automatically redeem your Voucher / Gift Certificate

New clients must pre-pay a $25 deposit to hold service - non refundable if no show.

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