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Valentine's Day may be over, but our sweet deal just got even sweeter because, we have supply left! $49 Ultimate Sweet Facial Tuesday - Thursdays only. $59: Friday - Mondays, while supplies last! (Regularly $89)

The Ultimate "Sweet" Valentine February Facial
Customized Facial with Fruit Enzyme Mask/Peel, Hot Stone Facial Massage and a Sweet Chocolate Mint Mask or Rose / Chocolate Mask.  Yummy and Effective!  Hydrates, Soothes and Brightens. Don't want the chocolate in your mask.. just the Rose ?... just ask and we can leave it out!

March Madness is on its way, and it's YOUR good luck today!   Deals as Fresh as Spring!  Check out these amazing Best Facial in OC Deals now, as "early bird" specials

Green Tea Hydrating Gel Mask Best OC BACK FACIAL: $59 Tuesday - Thursdays, $69 Fridays - Mondays. (Regularly: $79)

Let the antioxidantal power of Green Tea,  Detox, Hydrate and Soothe you back to Sexiness!
Just like a facial with all the steps and benefits, but for the back.

Cucumber Parsley Facial - $49 Tuesdays - Thursdays OR,
$59 Fridays - Mondays. (Regularly $99)  Best Organic Facial in OC
As spring turns to summer the ground bursts with the fruits of the
sun’s labor! And just as the spring & summer bring brightness and new life to the world around us, the lightening and oxygenating power of our Cucumber & Parsley Oxygen Treatment can enliven
and brighten your summer!

Whether you need to even the skin before sun exposure, treat
the effects of sun damage or reinvigorate with oxygen, you
have one great solution – the Cucumber & Parsley Oxygen
Treatment from ilike organic skin care. 

A deeply hydrating, soothing and regenerating service for all skin types with an immediate bleaching effect. Call and ask
about our special treatment and additional
lightening and sun damage tips!       Here comes the Sun!

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